What skills or experience have you gained outside of coaching do you integrate with your practice?

I own and operate the longest running gym in Miami Beach – for over 22 years – so I have lots of experience in running a super successful business as a woman in a male dominated field (boxing gym
owner), I excel in sales and top notch service. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Master’s in Behavior Modification and Minors in Philosophy, Creative Writing, and Religion. I have read well over 500 books in the area of personal and business development and psychology. I have my Practitioner’s License AND my Master Practitioner’s License in NLP from the creator himself, Richard Bandler. I was an Introduction Leader for Landmark Education. I was a school teacher for 7 years. I’ve done many sales and business certifications and training and have led many as well. I’ve done mostly all of Tony Robbins programs, and also Dale Carnegie sales training. I won the 1 st Woman in Business Award for the City of Miami Beach and I won Trainer of the Year 2020 NATIONALLY. I have a lifetime of training and amazing results to share and teach others.

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