Decide how badly they want what’s in front of them and then we change the story, and their state, to one that aligns with having it turn out the way it’s most desirable. Taking responsibility for all areas they make up they’re not deserving or not good enough, and create newly what they are committed […]

1st deciding HOW exactly they want it to look. Have they ever had it the way they want it? What’s different now? What is missing, the presence of which if added, would make all the difference? What are they doing that is working? What actions need to be taken to achieve this? Baby steps –

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I mostly focus on clear communication, behavior change work, results, accountability, and strengths. I show you how great you are and make you proud of who you are, and who you’re becoming. I teach teachers, leaders, manager, parents – how to teach and reach most effectively. I specialize in enrollment, sales and service. I teach

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Know your strengths and know your skills, and know what fulfills you the most, and then MASTER THAT. – Jolie Glassman #Sharpen #best #tools #skills #jolieglassman #southbeachboxing

Business Coaching Sessions In person or Online Business Coaching Sessions Business Coaching Sessions: In person or Online / Individual and Group As a successful business owner South Beach Boxing I train, and work hand-in-hand with you to leverage leadership, design a plan, and take your idea to the next level. During coaching sessions, you will learn

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