Jolie, I love you. Thank YOU for the GIFT you are to & for the WORLD!
Thanks so much - you're the best sister anyone could ever ask for in the whole world. I love you so much.
I acknowledge you for being resourceful, unstoppable & in great communication & creating a future for yourself & for all of those whose lives you encounter & touch forever.
You are so beautiful & powerful
Thanks again for the conversations - I so appreciate you & what I got to see for myself from speaking with you. I will forever hold that moment that you caused me to have a total breakthrough. You're so great & amazing & I'm saving your note forever for when you famous around the world.
God wanted to create the possibility of having angels on Earth. He succeeded when you were born.
You are an awesome contribution to my life & all of those you encounter.
The only person I want to talk to besides being alone is YOU. I feel there's so much crap & distraction that I miss my purpose & you're the only one that seems to sort me out & have me think straight & get back on track.
WOW… I'm breathless...jolie, you are truly one of the most amazing..in life, fully blown people i know..its an honor and privilege to not only know you, but to be your partner and friend.. I get you get me..... Your acknowledgement of me is very powerful, and like your former husband.. I am a better man because of you... I'm certain all the men in your life are better men because of you... Big XoXo
Thanks Jolie, fearless leader and role model!
Hi Jolie! It's Pamela, the Executive Producer from Jersey Shore that you whipped into shape when we shot in Miami. I just wanted to say hello. I've been meaning to email you for so long now and I am so sorry it has taken me this long. I think about you all the time, I miss working out with you and I miss the chats we had during our sessions. You really changed my life, physically and mentally! It was the best shape I had ever been in, it was the strongest I've ever been and the best I've ever felt physically and mentally. I keep my fingers crossed that we will be shooting another show in Miami, just so I can come back to South Florida Boxing gym and convince you to train me again ;). I hope you're doing well, All my best, Pam
Thank you Jolie for listenning to me on saturday and understanding that it was important -for me -to be heard --rather than --ignoring what was in my space. it gave me access to a big breakthrough. you have no idea how helpfull your listening ear has been for me as well as- your input. Thanks a million! you are a a bright star which shines endlessly onto other blinking stars, who are not quite sure of their own potential -that they can also shine just as brightly as you do. You have made a difference with me!, god bless you! please indulge yourself in this acknowledgement ! with admiration, Hania
Thank you for the generosity of your listening.
You are amazing & thank you for the gift you are to the world & for being in my life.
If I texted the amazing qualities you have I'd use up all my texts and I have unlimited. You make the world such a better place & I'm so proud to even kow you.
You're just amazing. Are you at all aware of this?
It was amazing seeing you tonight! I adore you beyond words! I'm so proud of who you are & what you're doing! I can't wait to see you again. You're so amazing - I can't even stand it. You're the greatest leader anyone has ever seen. Love YOU.
Thank you Jolie. Do you know that for me you are so powerful & vulnerable - a beautiful blend of humanity.
YOU just plain ROCK! Thank YOU for YOU!
U. Rock, Hope all is Great as you are in your life.. I think about you all the time. You have been a force in my life ,one who caused a change in me. Thank you Humbly xoxoxoxo
Every time I think back to that shoot the one thing I always talk about is how amazing you are and how I wish you were in California or how I can't wait to have a shoot in Miami again. I always tell people how I cried saying goodbye to you because you were such an inspiration to me and helped me in more ways then I'll ever be able to explain. I'm bummed to report that I've searched everywhere, LA, Italy, New Jersey, Las Vegas and have yet to find a trainer that even comes close to you. I try to keep up with it as best I can while on the road, it's been tough with the hours I work but I do try. I have gained some weight 🙁 and I've been struggling to get it off, I'm not giving up though. I just keep my fingers crossed to head back to SoBe so you can kick my butt back into shape. I am still with the same guy, we totally fell in love and have since moved in together. Things really wound up working out between us and I'm very happy about that. What is new with you? How have you been? How's everyone at the gym? I miss you lots and will work on keeping in better touch. xxxxooooo Pam
I love you Jolie, your support for me is unbelievable. Your conversations with me and coaching has always been nothing less than phenomenal.(B.J.) ``Being able to work with Jolie to maintain and develop her publicity is not only inspiring but it is fun. Jolie is all about making the people she is around feel good about themselves. She is an inspiration to not only her gym members but also her employees. She is never looked at as a ``boss`` but rather as a colleagues. She is extremely approachable whether it is for a business or a personal reason. Her passion and endurance for what she does is unmatched. She runs the most down to earth successful gym in South Beach. South Florida Boxing is a real gym for real people. She loves being able to impact people's lives with fitness. She will never stop working in the fitness industry and only strives for excellence. No matter the challenge or issue, Jolie finds a solution. Additionally, she has the ability to talk to anyone and make a genuine connection. Jolie's passion for her work and her life is only something that others should strive for.``
Rebecca with Say What Communications