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Get Ready for a Life-Changing Experience!

Revamp Retreat!

Join us in a refreshing 3-day retreat where you will experience a life changing process to uncover renewed confidence, full self-expression, and inner peace all while becoming F.I.T. (Fight for Internal Transformation) in Mind, Body and Spirit.

You’ll experience an exciting process of renewal and empowerment, learning how relaxation affects every area of our being – mindfully adopting new habits that are good not only physically but mentally.

Transformation inside and out through lessons of personal growth and development and healthy lifestyle practices.

We will focus on personal development and wellness including:

  • Creating and Installing New Habits.
  • Relationship Success and Emotional Satisfaction.
  • Lessons on Personal Growth and Development.
  • Confidence and Self Esteem.
  • Mindfulness / Recovery / Breathwork.
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Morning and Evening Routines for a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Juicing
  • Essential Oils
  • Physical wellbeing

Ways to work with Jolie
Call or Text (305) 710-3010