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My primary goal in life is to transform people’s lives on the greatest scale possible with grace and ease. I have been studying personal development for 30+ years.

Let me be your tow truck when you get stuck in the mud of life. I do intervention and integration therapy. I help you with yourself, your loved ones, and others, leading you to create and love a life you want, and love filled with honor, peace, vitality, and full self- expression.

My promise to you is that you will be better, stronger, fitter and more connected mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

“Let’s go on this journey together and find the perfect program for you. ”


I offer Whole Life Revamping in:

Business Coaching
Family Coaching
Personal Coaching

Jolie’s areas of expertise are:

  • Confidence, Motivation + Personal Development
  • Health + Wellness
  • Sports + Fitness coaching
  • Transitions and Loss
  • Recovery, Self-Regulation, Breathwork + Meditation.
  • Relationship + Family Coaching
  • Business + Performance Coaching

Unlock your potential and see which program fits you best!


We will work together to target the areas of your life that need guidance and change. I will teach you to shift your mindset to build confidence focusing on resilience, finding internal grit and honoring commitment.

What you’ll get:

  • Custom Programs created just for your needs.
  • Impactful lessons and distinctions that will inspire, motivate, and move you swiftly into action on the straightaway path to your success and dreams.
  • Grow and goal achievement boosting confidence and with support from me every step of the way!

I can do custom coaching if you need help in more than one area.

I would love to journey with you as we work towards achieving your goals.

I learn so I can teach.
I share so I can transform.
I serve so I can live in joy.

I’m here for you every step of the way with all that it takes on this journey.

I Offer:


  • GROUP COACHING: I offer individuals or groups access to different types of workshops on various topics that will guide you to achieve your goals light years quicker by providing frameworks, tools, perceptions, distinctions and information you didn’t know existed before. You get my 30+ years of coaching and education delivered in a personalized, individualized manner all through interactive sessions planned by me. I provide you with various tools that will fit personally into your life, and with my guidance and accountability along the way, you will magically transform your life. Transformation happens in the sharing!
  • INDIVIDUALIZED SESSIONS: The life-changing power of having your own coach! We go through a process to improve your skills, self-worth, self-confidence, motivation or whichever areas you need revamping. I have over 30+ years experience in behavioral and psychological sciences and business, health & wellness, and I identify potential problems / challenges faced by each client and work on what needs revamping now. I take an individualized approach, learn all about you, and create a plan just for YOU! Everywhere you go, there you are, so I will identify all that lies in your blind spots and move you out of your own way so you can live the life you always dreamed of yet never believed you could have…..’til now. Live the extraordinary journey of having me as your personal coach! I will train you to find the best of your potential.
  • RETREATS: My retreats allow participants time away from distractions in order achieve inner peace, self reflection and personal transformation.  Take some time out of your hectic schedule for self-reflection and renewal. My participants learn from one another through shared experiences while learning more about themselves

Let’s get started! I’m so excited for this journey together.

Unlock your potential and see which program fits you best!

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