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Believe in Yourself – Confidence is Key

Jolie Glassman From my book: 101 Rules to Being the Champion of Your Own Life. As a mental health coach, author and teacher, one of my main goals for personal growth is growing confidence.

What we think and what we believe determine the quality of our lives. The beliefs we have about who we are, our “I am” beliefs, are the ones that really shape our lives and are the strongest. Self-belief is how confident we are in our own skills, behaviors, and abilities. Self-belief is needed in sports performance, especially in boxing, where it is one against one. You cannot win without self-belief.

Self-confidence is feeling good about yourself. Do your best, and at the end of those days when you feel good about yourself, self-confidence grows. Self-confidence comes from lack of neglect. Honoring yourself, being healthy, and being willing to do whatever it takes develops unbelievable self-confidence. Rise above your circumstances. You got this. Beliefs create, and beliefs destroy. They control and rule our lives.

Beliefs are only thoughts we tell ourselves over and over again, so we are just convinced they are true. A belief is not a truth; it is a feeling of certainty. Catch yourself in the moment of a disempowering belief and replace the old belief with a new, reframed, more empowering belief, constantly, over and over again. Put a different part of you in charge, a more empowering version of you. Start to tell your story and then interject loud and strong and say, “No! What I really mean to say—my new belief and story—is …” Break the old pattern. You need to catch the pattern the second before it starts, knock it out, and replace it with what you would rather believe instead. Then you can align your actions and behaviors with that new belief.

Pay attention. Notice the observer. Become aware of the conversations going on in your head. Humans are meaning-making machines. You do not have to believe everything you think, and if you are going to believe in anything, believe in yourself. Take charge and know that you can choose your thoughts, as you do anyhow, and replace the unwanted ones with wanted ones. You just need to slow down enough to notice the programming in your head that runs your life.

Don’t speak negatively about yourself, even as a joke. Your body doesn’t know the difference. Words are energy and cast spells, that’s why it’s called spelling. If you are going to apply yourself to something and want something great for your future and your life, then you need to change out the negative banter in your head for positive talk. Make that change and you will believe it; you don’t have to wait until you see it.

Practice daily. Use mantras that make you feel great and say affirmations that affirm your amazing feelings. Have a strong command voice that empowers you to honor yourself and take action, and then prove yourself and believe in yourself. Affirmations

without discipline are delusions, so stay disciplined. Say what you want to believe and do what it takes to manifest that belief. You need self-belief to chase your own greatness.

Believe in yourself. Confidence is key. My Life Coaching Services in Miami will teach you the importance of confidence and how to apply it to everyday life for success.