Aspiring to reach your goals is something that we all hope to achieve, yet we don’t always know how to accomplish them. Sometimes we go as far as mentally limiting ourselves instead of facing the possibility of failure to try to minimize the damage and feelings of loss or rejection. As a consequence of trying […]

  Jolie Glassman’s goal is to transform lives on the greatest scale possible. For over 30 years, Glassman has lived her professional and personal life executing personal development, healthy living through fitness, and living according to the rules of boxing. Her company, South Beach Boxing, focuses on empowering clients to get results while living a

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By Jolie Glassman Each of us has been taught the importance of exercise from an early age. After all, physical activity is not only necessary for healthy living, but making it part of a consistent routine can provide immense benefit to our physical and mental health. There are countless studies that can prove the benefits

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Jolie Glassman describes her entry into the boxing industry as serendipitous. As a school teacher working in lockdown facilities and detention centers in earlier days, Glassman says fighting was a fact of life. However, Glassman worked hard to show people there is a right and a wrong way to fight. So, she began facilitating fights

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Learning to pick ourselves up after mistakes or falters in life is what makes our stories great. Owner and operator of historic South Beach Boxing gym, Jolie Glassman, experienced her fair share of breakdowns to push on and break through any limitations towards achieving her goals. Acclaimed as the Personal Fitness Professional of the Year

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Relationship Coaching Relationship Coaching Sessions Relationship Coaching Sessions for Couples, Parents, Parents and their kids -Teens I work with parents and their kids to transform their relationships, and lives, through life coaching, and bonding them through fitness and clear, successful, communication ways, tips, and also tools. Transforming teens’ lives is what I do best. Some

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