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This book is about how to live your life like a boxer and be the champion fighter of your own life. You are the hero you have been waiting for, it is your future self.

Be Your Future Self Now.

Become stronger, fitter, faster, better, wiser, always, in Mind-Body-Spirit. – AND ALL IN GOOD FUN!

This is truly a book about chasing mastery, being successful and at the top of your game, and being the champion of your own life. A boxer’s journey. Being a fighter in life. The journey of a hero. Becoming your future self, the hero you’ve been waiting for…YOU. You are the hero. So, it is living the life of a hero, YOU, the main character of your story. Be your own hero.


What drives you is your DESIRE.

You have what you want and then there is what you need. Whenever we make plans in life, we bump into opponents. There are external opponents and internal opponents, and it is the internal opponents that get us the most. There is a place inside every single one of us that is greater than the fear and the sadness and, in any moment, you can change it and you can beat the voice in your head. If you do not like it, change it. I did not say it would be easy, but it will be worth it.

To have a foreground you need a background as it is all about the contrast. Life exists in polarity and in the midst of contrast. Life is about moments and the spaces in between them. Beating yourself up will not make things better, not one ounce. Energy is life and when you beat yourself up you lose your energy therefore you lose your life. Everybody’s story of their life is either a warning or an example. Change your story, change your life and BE THE EXAMPLE,  not the warning.

BE THE WINNER of your own story;  YOUR OWN (CREATED) LIFE. You ARE the hero you have been waiting for – CHASE YOUR BEST SELF.

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In a World of information, ignorance is a choice. We are in a time where everyone needs to do their own research, and be smart, and learn HOW to do whatever it is they need to do, to get to where they want to get to, and move in that direction. We all make our own choices. We need to make much more informed and well thought out choices. We must gain knowledge and experiences and learn from them all to live an extraordinary life. Everyone needs to fight. Fight from a place of love. We can always create a win/win, and honor ourselves, and be fully self-expressed, and own our own power, we just need to bring our best self forward and nothing less. We need to lead from our hearts. We need to fight for what we believe in and gather up all the skills we can throughout life to become our greatest version of ourselves. It all begins with self-love and self-care. Self-care is our superpower. We all need to be a boxer in life which is why I wrote this book. To give you all the traits and skills needed to become your greatest self and the champion boxer/fighter of your life. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and this book is your straight line to becoming the hero you have been waiting for; the HERO IS YOU.

I wanted to create a book to use as a teaching tool and a curriculum to learn and obtain the REAL skills that matter most in life. My whole brand was always Real Gym, Real People, Real Results, and I am known as a Real Talk, Straight Shooter, teacher, coach, and mentor, and I figured it was time to get REAL in the World, and not have anything sugar coated, and bring all the necessary tools and skills needed to be a winner, and the champion of your own life. A new world is needed to emerge, and we need you to co-create this new world.

This book is not for sissies or underachievers, or those not seeking growth, success, and achievement. I love the metaphor of boxing in life. The same rules a boxer follows to become a champion, we all need to also follow, to become a champion in our own lives. This book is for those that want to have a life that works, in their own favor, and who want to always strive for greatness, and chase mastery. It is for those who want to box in life and be the champion fighter in their own story. I wrote this book for kids, boys and girls, and adults, men and women. This book is for winners and those that want to reap the benefits and rewards in life.

You can skip around, or just open to any rule, and read it. They’re in no particular order, and they’re all equally important for the most part. EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT AND NOTHING DOES NOT MATTER. Like phonics and whole language. You need them both. You need the breakdown of the whole, and you need the whole in operation. Read them all, and then read one a day, or whenever, yet often, to be inspired, and “close the distance,” like a boxer does, from where you are, to where you want to be. To live life like a boxer who trains to be a champion, and becomes one, follow, learn, and embody the rules. You for sure have what it takes. Know this, and then do what it takes.

All rules are paired with a famous boxer’s quote, and some have more than one quote. Together the rules collectively say it all. Many I do not even have to elaborate on, even though I do, so just let it sit, and BE WITH THE RULE and reflect on if you currently possess this skill or trait, and if not, how exactly you will begin to incorporate it in your life and embody it. Write in this book. Highlight what stands out most to you and write all in the margins, Fold pages and come back to that which inspires you most. Read these often and listen them all newly. ALLOW ME TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE AND SHOW YOU HOW GREAT YOU ARE.

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We are all in our own world,  in one world.

Everywhere you go there you are.
You’re born alone, you die alone,
and you’re never alone.

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Create your own world, and together let us create the world we live in together.

We collectively create it, whether it is conscious or not. Let us do it consciously.