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Conquer your day with my inspiring Mantras!

Conquer your day Choose one and repeat throughout the day. Harness their potential to help you stay on track, reach your goals, and find inner peace. So grab hold, take a deep breath, and fill yourself with motivation to power through each moment today.

* Be still & know.
* I am that, I am.
* God is my joy, love, and peace.
* How May I serve?
* I honor myself most when I’m alone.
* I am perfect, whole, and complete just as I am.
* I am beautiful as I am.
* I AM enough.
* I have phenomenal coping skills.
* The world is a better place because I’m in it.
* Everything is always working out for me (because it is, it has, & it will continue to be).
* Everything is about having the right people in the right places supporting you.
* What is this situation here to teach me or show me?
* Inner stillness is the key to inner strength.
* I am healthy, vibrant, and lean. I love and take care of myself.
* Say in the mirror: “My body now restores itself to its natural state of health.”
* I love you very much (insert your name here) – you are perfect exactly the way you are.
* Go hero go!
* I have everything I need inside of me.
* It’s perfect where I’m at and there’s no where to get to.
* I am deeply thankful for the joy, abundance, and love that surrounds me every day.
* I have ALL the time in the world! What I choose to do everyday supports my business,
relationships, and personal growth exponentially. I am grateful, abundant and present to
receive the gift that I am blessed with all of the time in the world.

* I know the right person will be arriving in divine order at precisely the perfect time.
* Making money is easy for me.
* I am abundant, blessed, and grateful.
* The greater my success, the greater my ability to serve others.
* I am always at the right place, at the right time.
* I have all the time in the world.
* Life is happening for me, not to me.
* I always achieve my goals.
* I am directed, protected and guided.
* I am love. I emanate from pure love. I am connected to this source of love at all times.
* I am a money magnet and money just flows to me.
* If I didn’t do __, this would’ve never happened. I am always exactly where I need to be.
* I am financially independent and earn at least (make up your own amount) per month.
* Infinite spirit, reveal to me the way. Let me know if there is anything for me to do.
I am listening.
* Large sums of money come to me gracefully in perfect ways.
* Infinite spirit, open the way for my immediate supply. Let all that is mine by divine right
now reach me in great avalanches of abundance, and please give me a sign, and let me
know if there is anything for me to do.
wherever I am!
* Wherever you are, there you are!
* Divine energy flows through me and it’s all around me
* Every day, and in every way, I’m getting better and better.
* Waking up this morning I smile. 24 brand new hours are before me… Today I vow to…
live fully in each moment & to look at all beings with eyes of compassion.