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Transformative Questions: A Guide to Self-Discovery

Beginning a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation can turn out to be one of the most fulfilling experiences anyone could ever go through. In Jolie’s 2nd book, 1000 Questions to Ask Yourself for Becoming the Champion of Your Life, Jolie has put together questions that are meant to rouse reflection, stir up action and develop an individual’s deeper understanding about themselves. In this article, we are going to present you with three questions from the book that have changed readers’ lives in very profound ways by unlocking their potential and enabling them become champions in their own lives.

1. What is an area of your life where you are working on perfecting your craft?

Everyone has dreams and goals they want to achieve, whether it’s getting healthier, becoming proficient at a new skill or advancing one’s career. By considering this question, you will be able to determine exactly where all your energies are being directed towards as well as evaluate how effective your current strategies are. It does not simply imply identifying areas that are your focus but also appreciating steps taken which seem quite helpful, on the other hand some might not be efficient at all. This provides room for strategic personal development and allows changes in path when necessary.

2. What’s an area of your life that could use a different spin or view on the story that you gave it?

After all, more than the events themselves – our stories about those events are often what truly defines us. This question will cause to you reframe those stories. You might look at a previous failure as dead end; think of it instead as a stepping stone or an important lesson. The minute we tweak the stories, which patterns of thinking cascading into feelings and then behaviour – all flow from. And this change in perspective can inspire us to move more powerfully, causing us to act instead of simply react.

3. What are the conversations you have with yourself that you no longer want to have?

All too often, our own worst enemy is ourselves ~ those critical voices that create negative self-talk and keep us stuck spinning in place. This is pretty self-explanatory: Identify the ways you attack or doubt yourself and choose to be different. This is intended to lead you realize conversations that may be more empowering instead. The way you talk to yourself will heavily influence your sense of confidence, the decisions that you make and how fully-expressed in life you feel. Altering these conversations can completely change the way you think about what is possible for your life.

As you contemplate these questions, we hope that like Jolie, we encourage you to write down your thoughts and revisit them. Self-discovery is an ongoing journey, not a final destination and each question should be explored with consideration because it leads you closer to becoming the master of your life.

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